Century City is not simply an area existing in Cape Town. It is everything that a community could possibly require in order to thrive. 250 ha of space plays host to a mixed development which consists of office space, retail and commercial space as well as residential and leisure homes.

Companies operating in Cape Town know that Century City is the ideal location to run their business from. While this area offers prime office space it is also conveniently located close to shopping centres, restaurants and similar which provide a great opportunity for staff entertainment as well as entertaining clients.

Below are just a few of the advantages of obtaining office space in Century City:

  1. Public transport options such as taxis and busses have designed lines of transport within the complex. Any areas designate for waiting passengers also have all required amenities such as public bathrooms, pay phones, vending machines and so on.
  2. There is a designated website for all tenants to make use of free of charge. Here you can advertise positions available in your business, space to let and leave general notices for the community.
  3. Security is a top priority at Century City. CCTV cameras and well trained staff members who man the security station 24 hours a day, have ensured a 100% crime free status. SAPS and other emergency stations are directly linked to the complex’s security system.
  4. The complex also has its own municipality which takes care of any concerns that tenants might have regarding water, electricity, and refuse removal and so on.

These are just a few of the reasons why Century City is such a popular choice for business owners to buy or rent office space. Those who want to ensure that their business and staff and safe and secure and operating to their prime potential should consider renting or purchasing office space within the complex.

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