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Choosing commercial property in Cape Town is equal parts exciting and stressful. You know what sort of environment, area, space requirements and look you want for your workspace, but finding that ideal place is all too often not as easy as it should be. Finding the right office space within areas such as the Cape Town CBD, Century City or even the Southern Suburbs ie Claremont, Newlands, Westlake can be challenging even if you know your commercial property requirements.

There are many things to consider during the process after all – pricing is only the beginning. You need to think about accessibility to major roads and public transport routes so that your employees don’t struggle to get into work. You need your customers to be able to easily reach your premises too, with adequate parking for visitors.

With all that in mind, how do you start searching for the perfect commercial property?

Looking for Commercial Property in Cape Town?

This is where Commercial Space comes in to help – with an easy to use search system that allows you to streamline your search.

You can search by area to see what listings are currently available for a broader search. Or, you can narrow down your requirements by adding the type of commercial units you are seeking. If you’re in need of retail space, you can find suitable options in high traffic zones such as the CBD or Century City – if you’re looking for standard office space on the other hand, you can search for office blocks in your preferred area – maybe Claremont, Woodstock, Epping or the Waterfront.

Narrowing down your search even further, you can also include space requirements and price range to help fine-tune your requirements right down to the last square metre. It really is as simple as that – less stress, less wasted time.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your specific needs, and we will do our best to help you find your ideal Cape Town commercial property.

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