Before you buy or lease a commercial property, it’s important to make sure that building maintenance, cleaning and security services are being carried out properly. These services are the responsibility of your building’s management and maintenance company.

What exactly does building management do?

Generally speaking, a building management company should provide all the day-to-day services that commercial tenants and owners require. These range from refuse removal and recycling to security monitoring and general maintenance, and include the following:

  • Cleaning of hallways and elevators and maintaining the lobby area
  • Contracting a security company to provide access control and armed response services
  • Arranging for air conditioner maintenance and repairs
  • Responding to complaints from tenants and owners, and dealing with local area organisations and residents associations around the building.
  • Arranging viewings of vacant units with commercial agents and helping to maintain the image of the building as a sought-after business location
  • Ensuring that the tenant mix is balanced and complementary

Building maintenance sounds simple enough – until its done badly

These everyday tasks are things that most commercial property tenants and owners take for granted. Unfortunately, if they are not carried out efficiently the result could be a badly maintained building that is unpleasant to work in, and even more unpleasant for clients to visit.

A building that lacks proper management may end up being dirty, dangerous, and a place where tensions between tenants, owners, and building managers run high.

To avoid a negative outcome of this kind, it’s important that you know your management company before moving in – and the easiest way to do this is by paying them a visit.

How to tell if your building manager is committed to excellence

If the commercial property you are interested in has a full time building manager, a simple visit to their office should reveal a few things about their approach to building management. However, before you even reach the office door you should pay careful attention to the whole building.

If the front entrance and lobby are clean, well-lit, safe and welcoming, you’ll know you’re onto a good thing.

Pay careful attention to the stairs, door handles, and the condition of the elevators. If they are well-maintained, chances are good that the building manager has an eye for detail.

When you meet with the manager or management company representative, ask as many questions as you like about the services they offer and how often they provide them. A good manager who is customer-focused should be open to answering your questions.

Let us point you in the right direction

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