There comes a time when every successful business must take the decision to move premises – and in most cases, this should be cause for celebration.  It usually means that you have outgrown your existing premises and that business is booming.

Upgrading your commercial premises is an important decision that can lay the foundation for your business to further expand and prosper – but when is the right time to do so?  These guidelines should help you to make the best possible decision.

Is your current office busting at the seams?

Every office has an element of clutter and crowded spaces, but if your workspace has started to resemble a flea market at midday, you may need to consider larger premises.  Employees who work in crowded office spaces spend much of their productive time negotiating crowded desks and disorganised common spaces – robbing them of time that they could spend on their work.

Are your workers disappearing from the office?

Have you noticed a lot of staff absenteeism despite the fact that your employees get along with each other and seldom complain about their contracts or pay packages?  The answer may be simple – they may not consider their workplace to be an appealing environment anymore.  Fortunately, once you have moved to more spacious premises, you will find that their morale improves almost immediately.

Are your clients less than impressed with your premises?

Perceptions are crucially important when dealing with customers – and if your premises aren’t up to scratch, you may find yourself unable to attract the calibre of client that you know you can serve successfully.  Before a client spends significant amounts of money with any service provider, they may want to satisfy themselves that they are dealing with a credible, successful business.

For this reason, the size and location of your business could make the difference between a lucrative new client and a lost opportunity.

Do you struggle to find a private moment at work?

Open plan offices offer major advantages to any modern business, but although your staff may not all have office doors, there are still times when private meetings are a necessity.  Strategic planning sessions, employee performance reviews, and dealing with sensitive HR issues are just some of the management activities that require private space – and with a cramped office there is little chance of properly executing these important functions of your business.

Before you move premises…

If you find yourself relating to the common challenges mentioned above, it might be time to choose new premises.  However, there are several steps you should take before signing your new lease.  It’s best to keep the following in mind:

  • The period of your current lease – ensure that you are able to give notice and aren’t subject to a penalty clause.  If so, you may need to wait until your lease expires before moving premises or letting us negotiate a fair exit fee or alternatively finding a suitable replacement tenant to take over the remainder of your lease.
  • Your monthly overheads – try not to take on a monthly expense that your business can’t afford, even though a premises upgrade should boost your turnover in the long term
  • The logistics of your move – obtaining quotes from moving companies and informing your employees in advance is essential for a successful move, we provide a full turnkey solution to assist with literally moving you from your current office to the new without any hassle.