Work is an essential part of our lives – and as times change, so does our daily office experience.

As employees come to expect a workplace that allows them to be creative and reach their full potential, commercial property tenants are embracing a co-working layout when they choose their premises.

To stay ahead of the game, property owners and agents need to keep track of the latest workplace trends. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the office these days.

Goodbye cubicle, hello Starbucks

The days of stressed-out cubicle workers sipping yesterday’s warmed-up filter coffee is a thing of the past – in fact, you’d struggle to tell some of the country’s leading office suites from a designer cafe.

  • As companies start to see their employees as “talent” which needs to be attracted and retained, the comfort and happiness of working people has become crucial to the success of every business.
  • New office designs reflect this people-first approach to HR management.
  • From office space designed around a business lounge where teams can share great ideas to private work pods that provide WiFi, charging facilities, and coffee on demand, the latest trend in office space is definitely centred around comfort.

Dynamic commercial buildings embrace the new way of working

Property owners who keep their traditional office units in a rigid, cubicle-dominated layout may soon find it difficult to attract new tenants.

  • As the co-working office design becomes the new gold standard for companies around the world, it’s no longer just startups that are looking for modern, comfortable office premises.
  • With big names like Microsoft, Google, and others embracing a casual workplace layout, the popularity of this layout is set to soar.
  • To stay ahead of the curve, commercial property owners should consider renovating older office suites to make them more appealing to future companies and the talent they will attract.

Basic changes like installing fast WiFi, providing high-end coffee makers and well-equipped kitchens, and renovating meeting and conference rooms may be sufficient in the short term – but before long, a total re-think of office layout and facilities will need to take place in older buildings.

In part two of this series, we’ll take you through a list of changes that will transform an older building into an in-demand commercial property.

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